Goombungee-Haden Cemetery

‘Ghost’ of Little Girl Captured at Goombungee-Haden Cemetery

Is Toowoomba the most haunted city Down Under?

This is what residents of the rural Australian city are starting to think after the number of ghost sightings around the area increases each day. One terrifying paranormal case that has made its rounds online is an image of a young girl captured at a graveyard in Toowoomba. The presence of other-wordly beings have been so frequent in the city, it has become a playground for ghost hunters and paranormal lovers alike.

Eerie Figure at Goombungee-Haden Cemetery Captured on Camera

Toowoomba has been having its fair share of paranormal sightings for years. The DeMolay house, situated just across Queen Park, is known to be haunted by a prison girl who committed suicide. Some say modern-day witches continue to lurk around as well. Even public areas aren’t immune to the hauntings. For instance, many claim to have seen a ghost of a woman at the Toowoomba Railway Station.

Joining the terrifying list of paranormal cases is this photo of a little girl snapped at the Goombungee-Haden cemetery situated north of Toowoomba. It all started when Kylie Wells was snapping photos around the area. The last thing she ever expected to find was the transparent figure of a little girl.

“I took it, but didn’t notice it until later on when looking back over them,” she told The Chronicle.

When Mrs. Wells took a closer look at the photo, she found that the young girl appeared to have blonde hair and wearing dark clothes.

The actual name of the cemetery, however, remains to be a bit of a mystery, as Mrs. Wells can only describe it as somewhere between Goombungee and Haden.

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However, online users said that the photo was likely taken at the Drayton Cemetery.

This won’t be the first time something creepy was captured on tape in the area. The spirit of Elizabeth Perkins, a Toowoomba resident who died in a horrific train accident, was believed to have been lurking around the public cemetery. According to urban legend, Perkins haunts the cemetery grounds in a red dress.


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