11 Years in Foster System …Boy Finally Finds Home and Biological Sister!

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They say there aren’t unwanted children, just unfound families.

For Logan, it was a long hard road, but now he’s finally found his forever home, and of all places, he ended up in the same house his biological sister, Shyann, is living.

The two were taken from their biological mother at birth. Shyann was the only one adopted, leaving Logan behind. The boy had to move from one foster home to another until he became completely homeless.

Logan had a rocky start in life. He spent 11 years of his life living under the adoption system. He could not fit in any of the foster homes he was thrown to, so he had to move every time. After more than a decade, he finally escapted from foster life.

He ended up sleeping in his car with few of his belongings. Eventually, he realized he couldn’t live that way anymore. His last resort was to call his longtime court-appointed special advocate, Virginia Barrett, and asked for assistance.

Apart from merely providing a temporary place to stay, Barrett tracked down Logan’s sister Shyann.



Shyann had been living comfortably with the couple Robert and Ara Hunt, who have two other children, Cody and Siara. The couple’s hearts opened when they heard of Logan’s story.

When they finally met him, there were more tears than words.

“It was instantaneous. It was tears, joy, fear, confusion,” Ara said.



Logan, at the age of 18, eventually moved in, and the family went through the process of legal adoption. This allowed Logan to feel the care he always deserved even if he came into the picture very late.


This adoption story is extra special because Logan can now experience the joy of being a son and a brother.



See how love and compassion changed this cautious mother’s heart below.

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