16 Elderly Couples Who Will Make Us Believe in Forever

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Do you believe in forever?

Have you ever imagined finding the person who is meant to be with you for the rest of your life? Picture the moments that you would share as you grow old together.

Still don’t believe that never-ending love exists?

Maybe these 16 couples, who stood by each other until their hairs went white and their skin got wrinkly, would change your mind.

Anthony and Mae

First Time Wedding

At the age of 53, this bride got married for the first time in her life.

Vivian and Alice

After living together for 72 years, Vivian and Alice finally decided to have a wedding.

Weibo Marriage

This unlikely couple tied the knot, and they shared this precious moment through 12,000 Weibo fans.

“Can’t Buy Me Love”

This adorable couple pays tribute to Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson in the film Can’t Buy Me Love



Emilie and Terry

They met 52 years earlier, and they finally said “I do” to each other.

Look of Love

After getting married at such an old age, look how happy they are.

“Just Married” Wheelchairs

This lovely and creative elderly couple proves nothing can slow them down.

Perfect Picture

They tied the knot 61 years earlier. However, their photographer didn’t show up for the wedding photos. Now, they finally got the pictures that they deserve.

Fashionable Couple

She is 90 and hi 97, but that doesn’t stop them from looking chic.



Endearing Elderly Couple

They were happily married for 60 years, and they still have the love for each other.

The Longest Married Couple

Since their marriage, Dale and Alice has been together for 81 years.

The Romantic Couple

You can feel their surge of love for each other through this picture.

Couple’s Shirts

They made sure that they can find their way back to each other’s arms.

Adorable Couple on Their Wedding Day



Lego Couple

You’re never too old to have fun.

Check out videos below.


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