19 Amazing, Wonderful, Strong People Who Have Beaten Cancer …We Salute You!


The word “cancer” is definitely one of the most terrifying words in the English language. But the thought of being diagnosed with the deadly disease is even scarier.  The unfortunate “why me?” is followed by the awful realization that beating cancer is not as easy or fast as the movies make it seem – it’s a miraculous accomplishment very few get to experience. However, with the proper treatment, the never-ending support of family and friends, and a positive, upbeat outlook on life, patients all over the world believe that they, too can beat cancer.

On what is probably the most wonderful day of their lives, these inspirational humans, who fought tirelessly against this terrible sickness, share the incredible news:

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1. This little boy who kicked leukemia’s butt!


2. This lovely woman celebrating the beginning of the rest of her life with an awesome day on the beach.

3. This Twitter post by @dustyalmond: “MY SISTER IS OFFICIALLY CANCER FREE!!!!!!!”


4. Her smile says it all.


5. A decade of happiness for this blessed young lady.


6. This super hero and her incredible parents.


7. This pink princess who just marked 100 days of being cancer free!


8. This girl who fought cancer for the second time, and won.


9. Meredith’s happiness glows in her eyes. Goodbye stupid cancer!

10. This gorgeous gal celebrating her first day of being cancer free.


11. This handsome boy who won the fight.


12. This brave girl first wanted to thank everyone for their love and support.


13. What an anniversary to celebrate!


14. No more rematches for darling Jordyn.


15. A special smile for a special news!


16. This family who learned that Daddy is going to see his daughter grow up.


17. The best use for social media: Delivering good news to the world.


18. This sweet little guy just took his last chemo pill.


19. Cami, who will without a doubt kick cancer’s ass the second time. Go Cami!


As these lovely ladies and gentlemen (and dog) celebrate their new found love on life surrounded by their families and friends, we should all take a second to remember just how blessed we really are.

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