21-Year-Old Mom Fires Back at Home Invaders to Save Her Child

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Semantha Bunce, 21, lives in North Carolina with her two kids and her husband, Paul. Although she is small in stature, her courage is larger than life. Not only is she a member of the National Guard combat medic, she has also endured one kind of nightmare she never thought would happen.


One day, while she was home alone feeding her son, intruders stormed through the door of their house. Since they were armed, she knew she had to act fast, or else, she’d lose everything. Instead of begging the attackers to spare their lives, she did something brave and fought for her life and the life of her 4-month-old boy, Bentley, proving that all mothers will do whatever it takes just to protect their kids.




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Knowing that her husband was still at work, Semantha ran with her baby upstairs and grabbed Paul’s legally owned gun.




The armed men started shooting at them in the stairs. So she fought them and fired back through the bedroom door. For several minutes, they exchanged gunshots, eventually scaring them off. Unfortunately, she suffered two serious gunshot wounds.


Semantha was then rushed to the hospital.

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With her story shared by many, Semantha has received more than $20,000 financial support from strangers all across the country. Holly, Semantha’s fellow National Guardsman, said of her friend’s story, “To know that I know somebody that is that strong-willed and that much of a fighter is unbelievable.”



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