Adorable 3-Year-Old Finally Fulfills Her Birthday Wish of Meeting Her Hero, the Garbage Man

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Three-year-old Brooklyn Andracke found an unlikely hero in local garbage man Delvar Dopson. Delvar had gotten Brooklyn’s attention after stopping by to wave at her every time his truck passed by her suburban home in Bloomington, Indiana during Thursday mornings.

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Brooklyn has idolized Delvar so much, that she looks forward to garbage disposal day just so she can wave at him back. So for this year, Brooklyn’s birthday happened to fall on a Thursday and she made sure to make her hero a part of it.

While the little girl waited patiently with cupcakes on hand for the person she calls the “smiley garbage man”, Brooklyn’s mother Traci Andrake called him over. The two were finally able to meet for the first time, and it seems Delvar was just as shocked at the kind gesture.

“As a mom, I can’t even describe how happy it made me that she got to finally meet him,” Andracke told Huffington Post. “She was literally starstruck and could not even say a word. I had to do all of the talking for her. And she is never usually short on words.”

The tiny tot had proceeded to go to Daycare after that short meeting, and when Tracy asked her why she was so quiet on the back of her seat, Brooklyn replied: “Mommy, I’m so happy”.

To top off their heartwarming encounter, Delvar came back the following week with a surprise birthday present for Brooklyn. Surely, this is one friendship that will never be discarded in the trash.

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