30 Signs Your Boyfriend Really Is In Love With You

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Your thoughts are always on his mind

He can’t stop thinking of you. He is more than willing to query what you are thinking…

He flaunts you

He is proud of you and not afraid to show the world by wanting to be seen with you.

He lets out his secrets

Men are just as mysterious as women. So consider it a blessing and a privilege to know some parts of his life that others, even his friends, don’t know.

He’s not judgmental

He respects your beliefs even if they conflict with his…

He’s changed his world

He doesn’t mind that you’re a major influence in his life or personal lifestyle.

Guys’ night

He’ll find an excuse to skip a night out with the guys.

He opens up to you

He is not afraid to tell you his deepest, darkest, and innermost secrets.

He talks about your future

Planning a future together with you in the equation says it all.

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