30 Signs Your Boyfriend Really Is In Love With You

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You’re a priority

Men can be much simpler to decipher than women. Guys don’t waste time on things that are unimportant to them. PERIOD.

He remembers the little things

It’s always the little things that matter. Whether it’s buying your favorite food or greeting you with a happy anniversary or birthday, he showers you with these little gestures.

He shows how he feels through body language

From the way you look at him to the way you stand beside him, he knows your mood or your thought just by studying your gestures… big or small.

He slips compliments into typical conversation

Guys don’t usually associate themselves with the word “feelings.” So when they say something that hints at their feelings for you, it’s important.

He does things he wouldn’t normally do

He’ll go out of his way to learn and do the things you love even if it kills them to do so.

He makes you feel special

He makes you feel like you are the only one that matters by doing special things for you.

You are not a secret

When a man shares your relationship with other people, you are a part of his entire life.

His eyes tell you

A man may not tell you he loves you 10 times a day, but his actions speak a thousand words.  A man’s eyes can never lie and are the gateway to his soul.

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