7 Acts of Kindness That Show the True Meaning of Christmas

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The season of giving and sharing has no beginning and no end. This is because every day, there are these Secret Santas that give back in ways we cannot see. But, with the stories of random acts of kindness and generosity below, we are reminded that Christmas is indeed the true season of giving.

1. A Teen Spent Almost $1,000 Worth of Food For the Less Fortunate

Teen Spent Almost $1,000 Worth of Food

Sixteen-year-old Jordan Cox has this talent for extreme couponing, which he uses to help his mother in supporting their daily needs. However, during the Christmas season, this boy decided to use his skill set, not only to help his mother, but also other struggling families.

He collected hundreds of coupons and bought around $935 worth of groceries. All of these were then donated to Doorstep, a nonprofit organization that gives away foods to families in need.

2. A Charity Got Troops Home for Christmas

A Charity Got Troops Home for Christmas

It’s not always that troops could go home for Christmas. And when they can, it is often too late for them to book affordable plane tickets. Fortunately, through the project called “Let’s Bring ‘Em Home”, these brave men were sent home. A total of 122 airline tickets were bought for them in 2013.

3. A Generous Guy Gives Out $100 Bills

Generous Guy Gives Out $100 Bills

Since 2007, a resident from Missouri has been giving out $100 bills with his signature “Secret Santa”, to less fortunate individuals. According to the mystery guy, he looks for people, who are sad, so that he can “give them hope that their life can be changed”.



4. Beyonce Bought Gifts for Walmart Shoppers

Beyonce Bought Gifts for Walmart Shoppers

While going to a concert in Boston, Beyonce stopped at a Walmart store in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. However, she didn’t have any intention of buying something for herself. She went there to put a smile on the faces of the shoppers. The singer reportedly paid for the first $50 of each customer’s purchase, in which she spent more or less $37,500.

5. Bill Gates Played Secret Santa

Bill Gates Played Secret Santa

Rachel joined Reddit’s gift exchanged program during the holiday season. But when she received a stuffed cow from a guy named Bill, she felt very bad. When she went on reading, she realized that her Secret Santa wasn’t an ordinary Bill. It was Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft.

Bill donated a cow in her name to a less fortunate family through Heifer International. Aside from that, she got a National Geographic book about the best places to travel.

6. A Man Donated a $40 Million Jackpot

A Man Donated a $40 Million Jackpot

When 66-year-old Tom Christ won a $40 million lottery jackpot, he already knew he wouldn’t keep the money. He announced that he would donate all the cash to various organizations in memory of his wife, who died due to cancer at the age of 57.



7. An Airline Company Made Wishes Come True

 Airline Company Made Wishes Come True

Before heading to Calgary, the passengers of WestJert airlines had a chance to share their Christmas wishes with an electronic Santa. And when they arrived at their destination, they were surprised as their dream gifts were at the baggage carousel.

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