7 Year Old Writes Letter To Santa, Leaves Readers Stunned

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7 Year Old Writes Most Sincere Christmas Letter To Santa, And He Doesn't Ask For One Thing - Tyrik

Some kids mature faster than others. Then again, some kids mature faster than some adults. Here’s an example of one child who shows unwavering compassion towards all of humanity — wishing not for toys…but for something far greater.

Usually, when you see a kid’s Christmas wish list, it’s filled with toys and things “as seen on TV.” Let’s be honest, we’ve become accustomed to seasonal materialism of Christmas, but that’s okay — as long as children understand the real meaning behind each gift.

However, for 7-year-old Tyrik, his Christmas wish list detailed none of his desires for himself. Instead, Tyrik’s Christmas letter showed the essence of humanity found within this child. We could all strive to be more like this little one.




“Can you help the homeless?… Can you please help the people stop killing?” Wow. Those are some very “grown up” concerns. This is a child who sees the world through adult eyes. Or are things so bad that even kids can see that the world needs help?

This post was uploaded by teacher Lynne Brown. In the photo’s comments, she added that one of the other kids asked Santa to give some of his toys away.

“One of the children wrote…’Santa you can have some of my toys to give’.., many of these children have nothing… But because of their character they will gain much.”

Lynne Brown is part of the John C. Maxwell Team, and “these children” refer to lesser-privileged kids. This teacher is part of an initiative to help such children (and adults) live better lives.

If you know about personal development, leadership, and empowerment, you probably also know that John Maxwell is one of the more “premier” names in the field.

From the company’s website, its mission statement is as follows.

“To come together as elite coaches, teachers, speakers and professionals, taking our leadership training, talents and skills and adding value to people all over the world.”

If this child’s letter is a result of their teachings, it seems that they’re doing some awesome things in this organization, value-wise.

If this doesn’t make your heart swell 3 sizes, I don’t know what will…



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