An Addiction Counselor Saves Kids From Fire Along with Dad Who Caused It

An Addiction Counselor Saves Kids from Fire Along with Dad Who Caused It

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Dennis Soules, an addiction counselor, was visiting a friend at the White Towers Motel when he found himself playing the role of a hero, who came to be at the right place at the right time.

Soules was with his friend, who was in danger of sliding back into his drug addiction when he heard someone cry for help one floor up from where he was. And, the cry, to the Canadian’s ears seemed to have come from a kid or from a cat. Not bothering to check which of the two really sent off the cry for help, Soules immediately went upstairs.

There, he came upon two children huddled together in fear by the open door, a mattress on fire and a man, dressed only in his undies, who was trying to put out the blaze using cups of water. Without thinking twice, Soules scooped the kids up into his arms and deposited them down the hall. He then got the nearest fire extinguisher and rushed back to help the man, who was still making his feeble attempts of putting the fire out. However, neither the first extinguisher nor its replacement that he found at the front desk worked.

By this time, the fire had spread that not even a working extinguisher could work at putting out the blaze. So, Soules sheltered the kids inside his coat and carried them to safety. Then, he went back into the motel to get the father and the other guests who were still trying to pack their belongings. Although they were more concerned about salvaging their bongs and what-nots, the residents were ushered out by Soules, who really insisted that they leave the building, which was by then already filling up with smoke.

Once everyone was out of harm’s way, including the kids’ father, Soules went to a department store to purchase some clothes for the almost naked man. He found out later that the mattress caught on fire when the man tried to use his lighter in finding a baby bottle that had rolled under the bed.

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