Adult with Special Needs

Adult with Special Needs Love Parades So Much, His Town Banded Together to Create One for His Birthday


Birthday surprises are always special, especially when the whole community is involved! That was exactly what happened during Matthew Robinette‘s 21st birthday celebration. What started out as a simple birthday surprise organized by his mom, Kim Davis-Robinette, turned into a full-blown party participated by kind strangers that wanted to make the young man feel extra special on his big day.

Young Adult with Special Needs Gets the Most Beautiful Surprise on His 21st Birthday

Twenty-one-year-old Matthew was born with a chromosome deficiency that causes brain malformation, cerebral palsy, and autism. His condition has confined him to a wheelchair and has rendered him unable to construct proper sentences.

Despite his disability, Matthew has a smile that can brighten up anyone’s day. One thing that elevates his mood is seeing parades. Unfortunately, the family is unable to bring him around, so Matthew hasn’t seen many parades in his life.

Instead of throwing a typical birthday party, Matthew’s mother decided to give her son a celebration he won’t forget. She asked a few family and friends to drive by and honk when Matthew’s 21st birthday rolled in. But little did Kim know, the simple drive-by surprise she wanted for her son would evolve into a 90-minute parade complete with several marching bands and dancers.

It all started during Kim’s planning period. She posted a request on Facebook, asking her friends and family to drive by their home and honk. But the post quickly went viral, getting shared more than 1,500 times! During the big day, hundreds of people showed their love and support for Matthew. Aside from the entertainers, police officers and firefighters purposely made their way past Matthew and Kim’s home in Anderson, Indiana, to make the young man happy.

There was not a single dry eye in sight. Even Chris Robinette, Matthew’s brother, was driven to tears by the parade that lasted for nearly two hours. Needless to say, the birthday boy was overjoyed by his special celebration as evidenced by the smile he wore on his face the whole time.

21-year-old Matthew was born with a chromosome deficiency that causes brain malformation and autism.  Despite his condition, he maintains a happy disposition and enjoys simple things like parades.

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His mother, Kim, posted a special request for her friends and family. The request involved a mini-parade for Matthew where guests would honk their horns as they drove by the Robinette’s Indiana home.

Special Request

Kim was surprised that the post went viral, even going past 1,500 shares. The parade became a grand event in the community—and it was all for Matthew.

Matthew's Big Day

Hundreds of people showed up with balloons and gifts for the celebrant!

Hundreds of People Came

“That’s what this is all about—having fun, community, loving one another, and being there for each other,” said Kim Robinette. “He’s teaching people how to dig into their hearts and show that people are really good and they do care.”

Loved by People

Chris Robinette couldn’t believe his eyes either. “This is something incredibly special, something you would never expect to happen,” he told reporters.

Tarp for Matthew

Everyone from the City of Anderson wanted to lend a helping hand. Police officers, firefighters, and bikers groups marched across Matthew’s house, much to the young adult’s joy.

Police Parade

Parading the Police Cars

Motor Bikes

“I got goosebumps and I was crying a few times,” Chris said.

Happy Kiddo

The parade lasted for more than an hour and a half.

School Bus

Kim posted a heartfelt thank you note on her Facebook page and hoped that the guests enjoyed the day as much as Matthew did.

Kim's Message

In a time where headline news is all bleak and worrying, this story certainly is a silver lining!

Positive Feedback

Praying for Matthew


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