Alzheimer’s Patient Brought a Special Mother’s Day Surprise for His Wife

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Love conquers all — even Alzheimer’s disease.



For the married couple, Melvyn and Doris, it has been hard since Melvyn acquired Alzheimer’s. He couldn’t remember anything from the past, much less his address. His memory got so dilapidated that even walking around the block from their house became particularly challenging.





So it became alarming when Doris found out that his husband was nowhere to be found. She called the police, and after a moment of searching, they found her walking down the street which is miles away from their home.

When the police had asked him about his destination, he said that he wanted to pick up flowers for his wife as it was Mother’s Day.

The cops were dumbfounded by his answer, and then they decided to take him home, but they made a stop at a grocery store to let Melvyn buy flowers for his wife.



At the cash register, Melvyn hadn’t had enough money on him so the police officer offered to pay the lacking amount.

When they got home, her wife was not only happy to see him back home, but she was also surprised by the heartfelt gesture of his husband.

Watch more of this heartwarming story in the video down below.


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