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Amputees Can Run Again, Thanks to Nonprofit Org’s Gift

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Running prosthetics are not covered by insurance plans as they are deemed ‘not medically necessary’.
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However, a non-government organization in Nashville, Tennessee called Amputee Blade Runners has come to aid of amputees in need of prosthetic limbs.

Amputee Blade Runners (ABR) was founded by two prosthetists namely Aaron and Ryan Fann back in 2011. The idea stemmed from Ryan’s own experience after a local prosthetics company gave him his first running leg after high school.

This opened doors for Ryan as he went on to run track at Tennessee State University and was able to garner a gold medal in the Paralympics. His experience inspired him to co-create Amputee Blade Runners with Aaron.

To date, Amputee Blade Runners (ABR) has provided free running prosthetics to over 27 states in the country. ABR has helped countless individuals aged 4 to 64 years old in their advocacy. Aside from providing them with running and sports prosthetics, the organization also organizes social events that promote social running.

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