U.S. Army Made Cancer Boy’s Dying Wish to Become a Soldier Come True

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Bravery can come at any time and any age, which is why Thomas Jefferson uttered the words, “Every citizen should be a soldier.”

Khalil Quarles from Baltimore is no exception to that saying. The young boy who fought a brave battle against soft tissue cancer was specially inducted to the army last 2012, a year before passing away of the said disease.

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Khalil’s family had to stop treatment after the cancer kept spreading. He underwent numerous chemotherapy and radiation that caused tremendous stress to the young boy.

“At that time, we decided to just stop the treatment so that Khalil could have the best quality of life that’s possible, being a 10-year-old child, to get to enjoy his life,” Cypress Mason, the boy’s mother told the Daily Mail.

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Khalil’s always admired the honorable men who risked their lives to protect our country and wanted to be a part of the army. He respected them so much that people took notice and contacted the U.S. military to arrange a special meeting with him.


The “meeting” turned out to be extra special because not only did the troops from the 200th Military Command out of Fort Meade pay him a visit, but they inducted him on the spot too.

It started when Khalil was given the opportunity to speak to a soldier stationed in Kuwait. He was later led out to meet Capt. Brandon Crawford who asked if he would like to be an honorary member of the United States Army, to which Khalil agreed to happily.


Khalil posed for photos and even got a ride in the Humvee.

The young soldier passed away a year later and was laid to rest in his hometown. He will be remembered for his bravery and as a soldier for the country even if for just a short while.

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