Artist Creates A Tank That Delivers Free Books

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To combat ignorance and to spread knowledge this had been the mission of many modern heroes in our time. Some use their political power, some use their influence to gather funds to help deliver books in places where literacy is very low.

But their are some who use their creativity to help in spreading the love of reading and learning to the masses. Enter, Raul Lemesoff. This Argentinian artist created something bizarre and amazing. The eccentric artist built his own weapon to help combat ignorance and spread knowledge. He created the world’s first ever “Arma de Instruccion Masiva” or “Weapon of Mass Instruction.”

Raul converted a 1979 Ford Falcon into a tank-like vehicle. Yes, it has a swiveling turret and a gun (doesn’t function though), and space to carry at least 900 books inside and outside. He uses his tank to “attack” both old and young he encounters in the streets of Buenos Aires. The artist gives away books to anyone with only one demand – that they promise to read what he’s given to them.

Check out the awesome Weapon of Mass Instruction in the pictures below.










Can’t get enough of the Weapon of Mass Instruction? Watch this short video made by 7Up about this funny vehicle.

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