129+ Adorable Photos of Kids and Cats

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Cats have very notorious personalities. They are known to be little divas. Unlike dogs, cats are not innately social animals. But don’t write off cats as wonderful pets yet. These animals can be trained to be more social. Although, you have to make sure that you and your children know the cat’s boundaries or else you might get a scratch or two.

Here are cute and heartwarming photos that prove cats are one of the best pets to have if you have kids.

Child With His Cat

Kid With A Cat

Baby With A Cat

Cats Drinking Milk


Kid With A Cat

Kid With A Cat

Girl With Her Cat

Baby And Cat

Baby Sleeping With A Cat

Child And Kitten

Best Friends

Kid With A Cat

Kids With Cats

My Cat Plopped Down And Held Hands With My Newborn Baby Girl

Baby With A Cat

Kid With A Cat

Baby With A Cat

Baby Playing With Cat

Baby With Cats


Girl And Her Cat

Kid With A Cat

A Child Playing With A Cat

Baby Sleeping With A Cat

Cat Kissing A Child

Baby With A Cat

Cute Baby And A Cat

My 8yo Treats Our Baby & Cat Like Dolls.

Girl And Kitten

Sleeping Beauties

Girl And Kitten




My Little Ones ;)

Kid With A Cat

Cat Smooch

The Best Friends

Best Friends

Best Friends

Kerem And Sofi


Kid N' Cat


Child With His Cat

Baby And Cat

Koko & Nut

Deniz 6 With Cat Bella


Sharing Pillow.

Misia And Basil

Of Man And Cat

Burmese Buddy

We Share Clothes - Talon & Beatrice

Kitty Kiss

Giving Some Love At The Cat Rescue

Hannah & Her Toby Love.

Caleb & Snow


Best Friends

A Boy And His Watch-cat


Sharing A Duvet

Story Time

Tristan And Walter


Arianna & Bombo




Tristan And Walter

My Daughter And Stubby 30+ Years Ago.....

My Baby Girl With Our Siamese Kitten.

Nemo And Ori

My, Now 3.5 Y/o Daughter, And 2 Of Our Kitties Getting Snuggles.

Big Love

Milena And Luffy

Leopard Ladies


Tristan And Waltercat

Tristan And Walter

Our Son At 3 With Flash Who Lived To 20

The Hidden Headrest


A Girl And Her Cat

Best Buddies

He Is Ticklish!

Watch Cat !!!

Russian Blue Boris & Beer At A Dinner-party With Kiara

Felicity And Milo

Tristan And Walter

Kyrie And Kitty

Cuddle Buddies

Best Buds

Double Bed


Happy Girl And Her Golden Eye Cat

Roxy And Camo

Tummy Time Support

Our Russian Blue Cat Mister Beer Von Beerensteyn And Our First Born Baby Kiara

Ally & Tarka

Save Me




Listening To Birds In The Morning

Kissing At Bath Time

Blue Eyed Babies :)

Me With My Furry Friend.

Roxy And Cinder


Russian Blue Kitten Boris Czar Romanov I And Our Daughter Learning To Eat (with A Fork)

Story Time Buddy

Sleeping Beauties

Eli And Maisie

Lily And Deeks

Arianna & Kimba

Dudu And Sir Wilson

Owen And Tiger...the Day He Was Brave Enough To Pick Him Up By Himself..

Hope And Mojo

Laziness Is Contagious

Alex And Her Kittens

Pondering The World

An Adorable Compilation

Kiddy Kat Mates


My Human Bed

Happy Together

Baby's Nap Nanny

Learning Together

Josette And Baxter

What 's Out There?

Her Baby

I Am Older Than Babies... Whatever ♥ I Love Him Soo Much

Blankie & Bff

Fun In A Box

Hand In Paw





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