150,000 Babies’ Lives Saved with this Tiny Sleeping Bag

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Embrace Innovations has introduced a whole new product that is portable, low cast, and helps reduce the number of deaths among babies – the Embrace Infant Warmer. This hybrid product allows the company to achieve their mission of supplying infant warmers to as many babies in need as possible.

To day, the product has helped save over 150,000 babies in 10 different countries. It allows them to regulate their own body temperatures, particularly at the very crucial moments of their lives.



What’s best about this is that it provides the same results as an incubator, only that it comes at 1 percent of the cost of an incubator, which is around $20,000. If used continuously, the Embrace Infant Warmer is believed to help more underweight and premature babies.

This amazing baby-saver was developed by a Stanford MBA class. Jane Chen, a former student in the said class, expressed her happiness about the product, saying, “Wow, so smart.”

“We’ve been at it for eight years and have now helped approximately 150,000 babies across 10 countries. The goal is to help 1 million babies, but like with a lot of projects, funding is an issue. That’s one of the reasons behind us launching Little Lotus”.



Little Lotus is actually a collection of all baby products for the U.S. market, which use technology similar to that of Embrace Infant warmer. With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the project’s future is looking very bright.

Chen said, “Many people have come up to me and said, ‘If I saw a baby in need, I would do anything to help that child, especially after I became a mother'”. Now, when you buy any product from Little Lotus, an infant will have an Embrace Infant warmer.

Learn more about the Embrace Infant Warmers and how they can be used to help out other babies:

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