16 Toddlers and their Adorable Toy Doll Counterparts


Babies look so adorable with their chubby cheeks and bright round eyes. If they have a doll who looked just like them, that would be twice the charm.

It couldn’t get any cuter with these sixteen toddlers and their doll doppelgangers that would totally melt your heart.


1. Cabbage Patch kid in real life has never been this cute

2. Those are really lovely lashes there

3. Two front teeth, check. Round eyes, check.

4. Keep calm and curl.

5. What’s up with you two?

6. Uh-oh, double trouble

7. Ready? Freeze!

8. Boo just found her match.

9. Do not disturb.

10. “Hey, little me. Are you okay?”

11. Toddlers in glasses.

12. Can’t sleep?

13. A match made in heaven.

14. Twinkle, twinkle little eyes.

15. After a very stressful day…

16. This is how you do it.

Baby With A Look Alike Doll

Need to see more babies who look like their toy dolls? Watch the videos below:

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