16 Weird Baby Facts Your Mom Didn’t Tell You


When you were little, your mom and everyone else adored you for your cuteness and bubbliness. And she kept on telling that over and over again to her friends even until your teenage years. But what she doesn’t mention about you and all other babies is that…

1. Babies double in weight during their first five months of life.

Babies’ early lives go around eating, sleeping, pooping, and downing lots of milk. And they grow in unstoppable amounts that can totally freak any mother.

2. Girl babies get their period, and all babies have boobs and lactate.

Babies inside their mothers’ wombs absorb their hormones, including some estrogen. That means that female babies have a mini period and lactate a bit. Sometimes blood comes out of their nipples, too.

3. When you were born you had tastebuds on the roof, back, and sides of your mouth in addition to your tongue.

They eventually disappear as they babies age, though.

4. Babies’ eyes are 75% their adult size when they’re born.

Fact is that baby eyeballs are huge compared to their heads. But upon birth, their vision is an extreme 20/400 (they’re nearsighted), but by the time they reach their sixth month, it should be 20/20.

5. Babies prefer female voices, and subconsciously adults adapt.

That explains why people find themselves talking in high-pitched tones when they’re around babies.


6. Babies born in May weigh more.

Babies born in May magically weigh an average of 200 grams more than other months.

7. Babies sleep with their eyes open.

When babies finally sleep after hours of activity, it’s very common for babies’ eyes to stay open. Don’t worry, they’ll outgrow that. It’s just really freakin’ creepy to watch.

8. Baby boys get erections…both inside the womb and when they’re born

Source: cracked.com

9. Babies don’t have bony kneecaps.

Instead, they have cartilages that forms something like it. The real kneecap develops later into life, and all other skeletal parts of the baby.

10. The likelihood of having twins varies around the globe.

West Africans are particularly prone to twins. In Nigeria, the odds are 22-1 while in Japan, it’s 200-1. If you wish to have twins confuse me. You clearly haven’t thought about the horror that comes along with raising a pair of twins.


11. Like so many classic villains, newborns don’t actually cry tears.

12. Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time.

13. The soft spot on a baby’s head bulges and pulsates.

14. Babies have superhuman strength.

Babies are born with the reflex to grab onto things with their hands, but do you know that their grasp is strong enough to hold their entire body up?

15. Baby poop is the perfect consistency to create the most amount of mess.

Behind every cute newborn is a nasty poop. It’s mostly liquid, though with some seed-like mixture so it doesn’t take much power to clean up their mess.


16. Babies conveniently forget all of the horror they put you through, and how weird they’ve been.

This is what scientists call “infantile amnesia” – babies don’t remember majority of their first three years of life. Be thankful they don’t.

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