21 Pictures of Kids, Acting Like Kids, In the Worst Kind of Way

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Babies and kids are cute as hell. Their innocence of the world around them makes them even more endearing as they try to discover and explore all of the things that they could set their eyes upon.

However, parents would agree that taking care of a child is also a laboring task to do, let alone a bunch of them. But at the end of the day, all of it is worth it when you see them happy and smiling . . . until they do something to ruin your day.

They may seem sweet and naive, but lurking deep beneath the adorable façade is a deeply disturbed maniac on diapers.

See this list of reasons on why you should never trust kids.

1.   They will pee on you without any care

They'll urinate on you and not even care

2.  They always steal and wear your clothes

They're always stealing your clothes



3.  They are not friendly around your pets

They have a hard time getting along with your pets



4.  They cannot do a decent dumping like a normal person would

They have terrible bathroom etiquette



5.  They are always there to disturb you in your sleep

They will haunt you in your sleep



6.  They will be clumsy as much as possible

They're the clumsiest creatures on the planet



7.  They have no remorse for their actions

They have no remorse for the suffering of others

8.  They are greedy at such a young age

They're really, really greedy



9.  They are naturally violent

They're actually really violent



10.  They worship the devil


They worship the devil



11.  They are cruel to animal

They practice animal cruelty



12.  They are ungrateful

They're totally ungrateful



13.  They will find a way to keep the adults away

They want to imprison all adults



14.  They don’t care for the safety of others

They have no regard for the safety of others



15. They are like cannibals who will suck on everything that they can get their mouth on

They're basically cannibals


16.  They play with their food all the time

They have no idea how to eat properly


17.  They don’t have any control on their impulses

They have impulse control issues

18.  They are inappropriate at times, especially in public

You can't take them anywhere or else they'll humiliate you

19.  They drink heavily

They are heavy drinkers



20.  Somehow, they are sent to you to destroy everything

They are always ruining your stuff

 21. Their favorite hobby is to scare the soul out of you

They get a kick out of scaring the sh*t out of you

Heres are another funny babies you wanna see:

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