22 Dads That Are Doing Fatherhood Right

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It’s a given. Mom packs our lunch. Mom teaches us our first cooking lessons. Mom joins us in our tea parties. Mom and you wear matching dresses. And Dad? He’s the masculine one so he.. what? He can also style your hair????

Well, at least the following dads who’ve taken fatherhood to the next level can. While the rest have been mesmerized at the thought of being Daddies.

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From blah to a blast! This Dad’s creatively transformed his son’s lunch into a Nemo-inspired one.


From soldier to father. This new dad can’t believe he’s seeing his daughter for the first time.

This soldier seeing his daughter for the first time

Dad walks along with his paralyzed daughter, letting her experience what it feels to walk.

This Dad who simulates walking for his paralyzed daughter

Dad and his expert baby hair styling skills.

The Dad who knows how to style his baby girl's hair

Because children learn best when they’re young, these Dads know better than to start them early.

These Dads teaching their son how to cook

This Dancing Dad who doesn’t care who sees him dancing like a woman in the open

This dancing Dad

This Dad who unknowingly (or knowingly) turns into a portable easel.

This Dad who doubles as an art easel

This Dad who can polish her daughter’s nails

This Dad with mad nail polish skills

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