26 Babies Who Obviously Hate Picture Days

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Babies are cute. They are adorable that we want to capture their cuteness by taking their pictures. That’s why picture day is a very big deal for parents.

But then, when picture day arrives, no matter how well-behaved your kid is, picture day is just a big joke to them!

Here are some baby pictures that show the ‘glamorous’ side of baby picture day!

Smile? What smile?



You’ll going to regret this!


I’m too cool for this!

I hate this!



This is my best angle!

Why do I have to do this?

Eh . . .

I’ll get you for this!


This is my best look!







You’ve done it now!

Glamour shot?

What is this?



What’s all the fuss about?

I need my milk!


Just ruining your perfect picture.


What’s so funny?


We hate picture day!



Why am I naked?


Is this cute enough for you?


Hear me roar!


I refuse to give in.


I’m scared!



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