Tear-Jerking Moment 4-Month-Old Baby Smiles as He Sees His Mom for the First Time


This baby’s smile after he sees his mom clearly for the first time will certainly move you to tears.

Leopold Wilbur Reppond has rare medical conditions of oculocutaneous albinism, which leaves little Leo with very bad vision. It’s a rare disease that affects the color of the skin, hair, and eyes of one in every 20,000 children.

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Leo’s father, David, was overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn’t help but cry when he saw his 4-month-old son smile upon seeing his mom for the first time.

Mr. Leopold, a film producer, and his wife, Erin, have just moved to Seattle, Washington, so they can live closer to their families.

The Repponds traveled to Los Angeles to seek treatment for their baby and obtain a special glass custom-made for the infant from Kenneth Wright, a pediatric ophthalmologist. The glass have normal lenses, but the frame’s material is made of rubber and safe for babies.

David and his wife invited their families to see Leo put on his glasses for the first time. As seen on the video, a pair of eyeglasses is being adjusted on Leo’s head by his mother.

There was a brief period of confusion, but upon hearing his mom say “Hi, honey,” Little Leo  instantly smiled.

The people in the room are delighted, one voice is heard saying, “Oh, he’s smiling.”

Erin then readjusts the spectacles so it fits comfortably on the infant. He looks down for a moment before focusing on his mother’s eyes and beams sweetly. It was a very heartwarming moment.

He’s also seen giggling while his mother continues to talk to him. According to Mr. Reppond, Leo used to see things through his hands since his eyesight was weak. He would let Leo touch his beard so the baby would know whom he’s talking to.

With the help of the Miralax glasses, Leo is now starting to see objects around him.

He said, “He can see us now. He’s starting to see objects in front of him for the first time. He’s smiling a lot more and he can see everybody in the room, he’s interacting more.”

“He loves the light and he loves being outdoors. He’s seeing the world differently.”

The glass may have improved Little Leo’s sight, but he is still easily susceptible to sunburn, skin damage, and skin cancer.

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