Adorable Babies Swimming Underwater – So Cute!

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Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel has been famous for his New York Time‘s bestsellers Underwater Dogs and Underwater Puppies.

This time, he produced another unique photography project called the Little Nemos, where he captured babies taking a plunge underwater. According to the Times, the images depict more than just the typical swimming lesson for the toddlers. They show self-rescue techniques that infants can learn from that will help them survive in case of drowning.

You wouldn’t believe that these babies are able to hold their breath and kick their feet as soon as they are underwater, then they would float on their backs and wait until rescue arrives.

Feast your eyes at ten of Casteel’s most adorable masterpieces from NYTimes.

1. Troy Rothwell, 8 Months

Troy Rothwell

2. Zoe Ubiera, 5 Months

Zoe Ubiera

3. Easton Portnoy, 9 Months

Easton Portnoy

4. Keira Spry, 11 Months

Keira Spry



5.  Finn Callahan, 12 Months

Finn Callahan

6.  Janell Henry, 8 Months

Janell Henry

7. Katelyn Francoforte, 12 Months

Katelyn Francoforte

8.  Harper Morris, 14 Months

Harper Morris

9.  Sawyer Beattie, 13 Months

Sawyer Beattie

10.  Grace Allen, 16 Months

Grace Allen

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