Adorable Toddler Could Climb Walls Before She Could Walk



Rachel and Zak Farmer always wanted their daughter Ellie to love climbing walls as much as they do. However, they never expected her to develop such passion as early as eight-months-old.


That is right. Before she even learned how to walk, Ellie already know how to climb. And, now that she is 20-months old, she can climb the rocks better than other adults.


When she was still 2-months-old, her parents built a rock wall in her room.


Six months later, she started pulling herself up. At first, she would use the wall to find balance, and then with the assistance of her parents, she was able to climb the wall successfully.


Her mother Rachael said, “She never really climbed out of her crib. We started taking her to the climbing gym only a few days after she was born, and she would sit in her car seat at the climbing gym and she would watch other climbers as they would go up and down on the routes.”




“Eventually as she got older, she started pointing at them and showing interest. As she got bigger, we got her on the wall and feeling the holes and standing on the ground and feeling out the various grips on the wall. Then when she was 8-months-old, she successfully climbed her first route on the gym from bottom to top,” she continued.


Ellie’s climbing style is called bouldering. It is described as climbing heights without having to use a rope or harness. So far, the tallest wall Ellie has climb is 7 feet. Whenever she climbs, there is always a thick pad below her.


In the event that she experiences problems in climbing, her parents don’t interfere so that she can get a feel for falling.



Since she tried this sport, Ellie has neither fallen nor had any injuries.




In fact, she is very focused when she climbs. Rachel said, “Actually, she’s very focused when she’s climbing. She’s very focused on foot placement and getting to the top. She also has soft, flexible shoes that allow her to feel the holds with her feet”.


Despite her young age, Ellie is very strong. She can even hang onto a bar for as long as 30 seconds. And, if she goes on with the sport, she will surely improve.


“When she does something successfully, she loves to celebrate. She turns around, screams, and claps,” Rachel added.


Because of her strength and calmness, Ellie is dubbed as the “Little Zen Monkey”.



Check out the Little Zen Monkey doing her amazing feats in the videos below:



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