An Adorable Toddler Experiences Rain for the First Time and He Absolutely Loves It


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Raising a toddler can feel like a roller-coaster ride as you follow their extreme highs and lows. They intend to be very excited upon seeing things that they have first seen, like seeing the rain for the first time. Rain may be a nuisance to adults, but for a toddler eager to experience everything and anything, it’s quite a thrilling experience. Take one-year-old Harper as an example, he has seen the rain before through the window and the comfort of indoors, but she never actually experienced playing in it.



Her dad got a little surprise for her when the rain showered in the summer. He took her right into the rain and enjoyed every moment the rain falls on her face. According to the Mirror, Harper was super excited to see the rain, but she was even happier when Dad took her outside to actually enjoy the summer rain.

Harper’s reaction was just priceless, and she’s so cute you could look at her till she’s finished playing. This just proves that you don’t need expensive things to make your children happy, sometimes, as simple as the rain can make someone happy.


Watch her reaction below.

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