Baby Born with Half a Skull is Defying Medical Odds …Christmas Miracle!


The miracle baby Jaxon Buell made headlines when he was born with only half a skull. He was expected to live only for a few days, but he has defied the odds and has lived to spend another Christmas with his family.






Jaxon, also known as Jaxon Strong, was born in August 2014. He has the birth defect called microhydranencephaly, which affects the growth of the brain and skull.


This is a rare condition that affects about one in 4,859 babies. A lot of the babies born with the condition die in-utero or shortly after birth.




Jaxon’s family has received hate messages since his story was publicized last year. Someone even had the gall to tell Jaxon’s parents, Brandon and Brittany, that Jaxon should have been aborted.

jaxon13 Jaxon9

In his Facebook page, Brandon posted, “It’s baffling to hear or see other people’s opinions on our baby that have never met him, that somehow know how he thinks, how he acts, how he feels, how much of what he does is voluntary or involuntary, how he is always in pain, and that we are selfish parents for not choosing to have an abortion.”


“When we first learned there were concerns for Jax during the pregnancy, we were given the options of carrying him to term or having an abortion because there was the unknown issue.”





He also added, “No doctor could tell us exactly what was wrong or what to expect, but we did make sure to ask if Jaxon was in pain or was suffering, and we asked if there were any added risks for Brittany during the pregnancy or potentially at time of delivery.”


“Since the answer to both questions was no, we never came close to considering abortion.”


Jaxon is a survivor.



Watch Jaxon’s videos below.

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