Baby Caught Perfectly Doing a CPR to a Dummy After Observing Mom’s CPR Training Courses


Babies are known to have the most curious minds on earth. Their brains are like sponges that suck up whatever they lay their eyes upon.

In this viral video, the process of babies’ easy adaptation to what’s going on around her is highlighted, and this little girl shows how she effectively learns each lesson. She is seen giving a demo on how to give CPR to a dummy, which she might have learned from her mother on their CPR training courses.

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Behavioral pediatrics director Dr. Howard Klein from Sinai Hospital in Baltimore said that a person starts mimicking or imitating at a very young age. He added, “A 1-year-old understands that the actions he’s copying have significance. Parents of toddlers are under constant observation. During this critical development period, it’s important to model your best behavior.”

The mother of the tot in the video was discussing how to give the right CPR in case of emergency with her students. She was surprised when she saw her daughter performing the same method. She said it was quite unbelievable that her toddler actually learned the whole process at once.

She looked like she knew exactly how to save a life, and she’s enjoying every step of it. Though she might need a little more practice, she’s sure to be trusted to do CPR in the future.

It proved that the child paid attention to the things she saw inside the classroom, while being a playful toddler at the same time. And it’s just amazing to see them honing their own little minds their own little ways.

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