Abandoned Newborn Baby Found Squirming in a Pit of Human Waste …Shocking!

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A disturbing video has been making rounds in the Internet, which shows a newborn baby crying and squirming in a makeshift public toilet. The toilet seems to be a pit where human waste and other trash are dumped.

Doctors suspect that the mother just crouched over the toilet hole and gave birth to the child. They added that she must have severed the umbilical cord in order for the baby to drop into the disgusting lavatory.

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Pictured above is the hole where the baby was left to die. The red stains of blood are still very visible.

Travelers who were supposed to use the toilet were suspicious of the crying sounds coming from the hole. When they investigated the pit, they were shocked to see a baby desperately wriggling out from the filth.


The rescue team had to crack the wide concrete in order to save the poor baby. The newborn was covered in human excrement, trash, and blood when the rescuers took him out.


Despite such horrific conditions, the baby was in a stable condition and recovering well. Authorities were also looking for the mother since she might desperately be needing medical assistance.

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