Gender During Childbirth

Mom Screams with Joy When She Sees Baby’s Gender During Childbirth


One of the greatest gifts of being a woman is the opportunity of bringing children into the world. Pregnancy and childbirth are nothing short of an extraordinary phenomenon. It may be safe to say that these two can be considered as both the greatest joy and the biggest challenge any woman can face in their lifetime. From the moment the kit displays those two game-changing lines to the day you give birth, the journey of pregnancy is truly special.

The mother you are about to see has been lucky enough to be blessed four times in her life. The first three grew up to be beautiful little girls. So by the time she reached her fourth pregnancy, the mom secretly wished that a boy would finally be added to the bunch.

Mom Tears Up When Baby’s Gender During Childbirth Is Revealed

The mom in the video went into labor back in 2015. She already had three beautiful daughters and was anticipating the arrival of their newest sibling. The whole family decided to keep the baby’s gender a secret and preferred to be surprised on the day the mom gave birth. They clearly weren’t prepared for what was going to happen next!

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Mom Goes Into Labor,

The family initially thought that the mom was going to give birth to a girl, considering the fact that they already had three in their brood. But when the doctor revealed the gender during childbirth, they were all shocked to find out it was the boy she’s been waiting for. It did not take too long for the family to erupt into a series of cheers and even a few tears here and there. As soon as the camera pointed toward the dad, he too failed to hide his emotions. He even managed to jokingly exclaim how he was going to start getting used to calling a baby “he.”

Watch the video below to see this feel-good clip. It is even set to the tune of Carrie Underwood‘s catchy country hit “All-American Girl.” Lucky for the Internet, the family decided to share this wonderful moment with the world.

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