Couple with 8 Children Adopts Kids Placed in Hospice Care


Kids have always been treated as blessings. By just looking at them, people instantly forget about their problems. For the same reason, Cori Salchert always wanted to take care of them.

Her love for the innocent kids is very obvious because despite her and husband Mark Salchert‘s very busy schedules, they still managed to raise their eight kids well.

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But five years ago, Cori underwent multiple surgeries caused by an autoimmune disorder, which resulted in gastrointestinal distress. Although the illness caused her to lose her job, this didn’t stop her from realizing her dream of adopting infants.


“My prayer at that time was asking how God could possibly use this for good,” she said.

The first foster child the couple had was Emmalynn. They found her after communicating with the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Since the adopted baby girl was born with only her brain stem, she only lived for 50 days. “Emmalynn lived more in 50 days than most people do in a lifetime,” Cori recalled.

Shortly thereafter, they took in a boy named Jayden. When he grew up, he was then adopted by a cousin of his biological parents.

At that time, Cori was depressed and sad. She had to deal with a lot of things in her life, starting with the loss of Emmalynn and the adoption of Jarden. Still, she consulted her family and asked, “Are you all ready to do this again?” Her tone of voice seemed like she had already lost hope.

Mary Elisabeth Salchert, one of her daughters, expressed her thoughts. She responded, “Mom, what if some kid really needs us and you’re just sitting here with a broken heart?”


Because of her daughter, Cori had hope again. She and Mark called their social worker to look for another foster kid. Thankfully, they found Charlie, a child with hypoxic ischemic brain encephalopathy. In order to survive, Charlie depends on a ventilator, tracheostomy, and tube feeding.


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