Couple with 8 Children Adopts Kids Placed in Hospice Care


Before the nurses at the Ronald McDonald House handed over Charlie to the couple, they first taught them how to care for the boy. Another nurse also said that one single mistake with Charlie’s tube will leave him unable to breathe.


After hearing that, Cori cried. Still, she tried to look at the brighter side of life. “God told me we’re going to kick this fear in the butt. It’s OK to be afraid, but never let fear cripple your life,” said she.


The Salcherts officially adopted Charlie on December 18.

Despite the challenges in life, the family happily bonds with Charlie, even though Cory knows and has already accepted the fate that awaits the child.


“He will die; there’s no changing that, but we can make a difference in how he lives, and the difference for Charlie is that he will be loved before he dies,” she explained. “These children need nurses, but the overarching thing is, they need moms. Too many people never do anything because they can’t do everything and can’t save everyone. For me, even though I can’t help every child, I’m happy to make a difference in the lives of a few.”

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When asked why he and his family want to take in kids like Charlie, Mark responded, “God is love, and He loves this little boy, and He loves us to love him. Charlie is truly an amazing individual; he’s made us richer, more alive in a sense.”

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