She Cradled Her Lifeless Newborn To Her Chest …What Happens Next is a Miracle


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The gift of a child is the most important gift anyone could have. The feeling of joy from seeing your newborn can’t be compared to anything. These sentiments are shared by parents David and Kate Ogg on the day that Kate gave birth to twins at twenty-six weeks. This story is one of those miraculous ones that’ll leave you teary-eyed.

Kate described the dread that she had when she was informed that she was going into labor ahead of time. She and her husband quickly realized that something had gone wrong after Kate gave birth. They were anxious to know the genders of their children, but they were informed by doctors that the baby boy, whom they were intending to name Jamie, didn’t make it. The intense devastation that hit the couple after they were told that one of the babies had been lost was unimaginable.

Kate took the baby in her arms and cradled his body against her chest, in response to the doctor’s announcement. She then told her husband to take off his clothes so that baby would have as much body heat as possible, while both of them laid in the bed, giving warmth to the baby. While staying close together, skin on skin, they soon observed something special was happening. There was movement coming from the baby that was previously believed to be lost.

The family called out to the midwives and told them what was happening, but they only told the couple that the baby would soon be gone and that they needed to say their farewells. However, Kate remained to hold her baby against her chest and fortunately, the baby boy eventually opened his eyes and grabbed his father’s finger tight. Every single person in the hospital room was amazed and was left speechless by the incredible event. Now the twins, Jamie and his sister, Emily, are healthy, downright adorable, and happy, and will soon be turning five years old. Kate and her husband will never forget the miracle that kept their family intact as of today.

Family is a marvelous gift that no one should ever take for granted. So next time, hold your loved ones a little closer.

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