Dad Saved His Two-Year-Old Daughter After She Fell Off a Boat into the Ocean

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A two year old child who slipped off the ramp of the Peking ship at South Street seaport was saved by his brave father who jumped out into the ocean below the surface to pull her up more than twenty feet under.

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David Anderson and his daughter



David Anderson was caught up in his fatherly instinct after he saw his daughter, Bridgette Anderson, sinking in the water while out in New York seaport. He claimed he let her out of his sight for five seconds and then she disappeared. He was frantic to see the face of his daughter looking at him an inch or two under the water while his wife was freaking out.

Fortunately, a Frenchman who was later known as Julien Duret jumped in ahead of him and was able to grab his daughter to safety before David reached his daugther. Once he got hold of Bridget, Julien helped both the father and  daughter back to the dock to keep them from drifting away along with good neighbors. Right after the scene, Bridget was taken to the Bellevue hospital.

David Anderson saves his daughter



David Anderson


David is truly a hero to his lovely daughter who bravely dived in to save Bridget. To the young Frenchman who disappeared in the crowd after the incident like a Good Samaritan, you just saved the life of a beautiful young girl.

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