Dad Takes 2-Day-Old Daughter to Meet 92-Year-Old Grandma …And the Internet Sheds a Tear

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Yes, a picture paints a thousand words; however, the picture below says so much more.

First-time father Scott Martin lives in Washington State with his wife, Jen, and their newborn baby girl, Penelope. Two days after Penelope was born, the couple decided to share a photo of their baby. Since then, it quickly went viral on entertainment Web sites like Reddit.

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But it seems that Penelope’s cuteness was not the reason the Internet was going crazy, it was the inexplicably wonderful moment created as Penelope stared straight into the eyes of her 92-year-old great grandmother, Millie Martin.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Martin said he is very close with his grandmother, and that having her meet her first great grand-daughter was a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. He stated, “They just stared at each other for a while, it was like they knew each other.”

Martin added that the meeting day was so emotional because it was also the 71st wedding anniversary of Millie and her husband, who just passed away in August.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the first time the baby experienced instant fame. She was also the star of the story about an unborn clapping her hands in an ultrasound, a report that went viral several months ago.

Clap your hands, baby announcement.

Watch Penelope in the video below

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