Ellen Meets the Internet Famous “Emotional Baby!”



In the winter of 2013, Ellen DeGeneres interviewed the Leroux Family, who hails from Canada. The Dad, Al, uploaded a video of his wife singing to their then 10-month-old baby who starts to cry and display an onerous amount of emotion when her mommy starts to sing “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” by Rod Stewart. Since it was posted on YouTube in November, the video titled “Baby Cries When Mom Sings” has gone viral big time! In just one week, it garnished over 25 million views. That number is most certainly spiked after Ellen’s raving interview with the simply adorable family.

Al was shocked when big-time media picked up on the viral video. The Huffington Post wrote,

This 10-month-old’s impassioned response to her mother’s private performance of ‘‘My Heart Can’t Tell You Know’’ gives a whole new (beautiful) meaning to the word ‘‘cry-baby’’.

However, the family has also encountered some negative reviews. A lot of people have voiced concern that the baby was not tended too properly after she got emotional. Good thing, millions of people all over the world that have viewed “Baby Cries When Mom Sings” disagree completely, including Ellen herself. The hilarious and always lovely TV host flew the family of three to LA to appear on her show to back them up. It was mom Amanda’s first time taking a trip out of her homeland of Canada, ever.

Ellen opened her interview by gushing over their viral vid saying, “This is too adorable. I could not get over the video!” She went on to ask if the baby, who is graciously named Mary Lynn, has always responded so emotionally to music. Amanda said that she always sings songs to her baby girl at home because “she doesn’t judge me.” When she sang “My Heart Can’t Tell You No,” Mary Lynn started to well up with real tears. Unfortunately, there was no camera around to capture the moment. Amanda sang the same song to her baby a second time a few days later and got the same reaction. When she told her husband about it, he couldn’t believe it, and that’s when he started to record.

During the interview, little miss Mary Lynn was quiet, attentive, and simply adorable. Ellen explained, “Most babies would be looking at everything else and kind of overwhelmed, but she’s actually paying attention.” You can tell Ellen is already a fan of the sweet girl.

When Al explained that his daughter and wife are huge Ellen fans and watch the show together every day, DeGeneres joked that the baby is also very smart. Mary Lynn wasn’t able to cry on cue on “Ellen,” but she was a little cutie, nonetheless. At the end of the family’s interview, Ellen surprised them with something the parents needed desperately—a week vacation at the Honua Kai Resort in Maui. Utterly shocked, all Amanda could get out was, “Are you serious?”

So that’s the story. There was no shocking backstory to the “Baby Cries When Mom Sings” viral sensation. It’s simply  the perfect moment captured at the perfect time and put online for the entire world to see! We did, and we loved it.

Watch the incredible interview here.

Here’s the original video uploaded by Alain Leroux:

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