Toddler Rescue

Foreign Worker Saves Crying Toddler Stuck at a House Railing



Dramatic rescue moments are not really new to us, but there are certain circumstances that are just histrionic enough we set them apart from the rest. Read on and be amazed at how this foreign worker saved a baby in Singapore.

Dramatic Rescue

On a two-part video uploaded in April on YouTube, you can see this toddler crying endlessly as his head got stuck between the rails of a second-room bedroom window in a house in Jurong East Street, Singapore. The young child was literally dangling with only his head to keep him from falling.


A few moments later, a guy quickly climbed up the house and helped the toddler. Without a second thought, he held the toddler and tried to get his head out of the rails. In the forty-five second video below, another guy is seen climbing to extend assistance.

An onlooker revealed that it was an aunt who first spotted the toddler and immediately shouted and screamed for help. The rescuer is said to be repairing a road nearby and responded to help when he heard the woman shout.

The family of the child is finding ways to identify the worker’s name so they could thank him. With this incident, your faith in humanity is sure to be restored.

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