Little Girl Forms an Unbreakable Bond with Pet Sloth

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This adorable little girl has developed an unbreakable but unusual bond with this domesticated sloth.

Their unique friendship has gotten attention as soon photos of the two were published online. Incredibly, their story began when Alia was merely two days old. Daisy, the sloth that Alia’s parents fostered, immediately developed a bond with the baby and they have been inseparable ever since. The family has since been documenting their relationship through a series of photos and videos.

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Unlikely BFFs

Julia Heckathorn along with her husband, Jason, introduced two new members to their existing brood, which included a kangaroo called Boomeroo, an anteater named Noche, a sugar glider (from the family of possums), along with their pet cat Larry. The couple hails from Washington, DC, and aside from being a mom to numerous pets and her new baby, Julia is also the author and illustrator of the children’s book series titled Search for the Hidden Clover.

The book chronicles different nature-themed adventures and proceeds of the book’s sales go directly to conservation efforts. All the characters in her books feature the family’s pets, and Julia has gone around the country to raise awareness on wildlife conservation as well as to introduce the real-life characters to readers.

The couple adopted Daisy the sloth around the same time Julia was pregnant with Alia. They were then introduced when the little girl was merely two days old and had just arrived from the hospital following her birth. Julia described that encounter as something destined to happen.

“We had been looking for a US-born, well-raised, and healthy baby sloth suitable for children’s education for four years,” she recounted. “It just so happened that the first one available to us was born just after I became pregnant with Alia and ready for a new home just as Alia was born.”

Alia and Daisy

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