She Suffered Three Miscarriages but Never Gave Up …Finally Giving Birth After Taking Miracle Pill


For a woman who had three miscarriages, nothing would make her any happier than the chance to hold her own baby in her arms.

Such was the case of 45-year-old Rachel Lewis Mayhew of Leicester who had tried conceiving a child for three times with husband, Alex. But each try was a fail due to miscarriage.

On a visit to the CARE Fertility in Nottingham, the devastated administration controller was diagnosed of having thyroid levels that were too high for a pregnant woman like her.

She was prescribed a £2-a-month pill thyroxine aimed to lower her thyroid hormones in her body and keep them at a level suitable to support conception. Then the couple scraped all the money they could for one more round of IVF treatment.

The treatment was successful,and Baby Augustyna was born in August last year.

Rachel with her daughter Augustyna

Born at 4 lbs 2 oz, the baby was the couple’s last chance of having their own baby. Alex, a motorcycle engineer, was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor.

Alex was first diagnosed with cancer in 2005, and it went into remission for seven years before it came back just before Augustyna was conceived. With his cancer recurring, he had to freeze his sperm for one last shot at producing even just one baby the couple had been dreaming of.

The baby, who was born weighing just 4lbs 2oz, was the final chance the couple had of conceiving after Alex was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour 

And now it’s here. Rachel could finally hold her baby in her arms. Of the first child, who died at three months, she said, “. . . that was particularly traumatic because we actually saw the baby. The second baby was also lost at three months but had actually died at about eight weeks, and we lost a third baby too.”

After she was told about the problem with her thyroid levels, Rachel thought that maybe it was this that could have saved her babies’ lives, had the real issue been detected earlier on. Her thyroid levels matched her age but were too high for a woman who was trying to get pregnant.

Alex holds their baby girl in the delivery room shortly after Rachel gave birth 

And with Alex’s cancer returning, they could not wait for his five-year all-clear before they attempt to produce an offspring. They had lost their first naturally conceived child in March 2011 after deciding to wait for five years for Alex to be cleared off his cancer; they could not afford to wait any longer now.



Rachel holds the Levothyroxine pill that costs £2 per month and helped her get pregnant through IVF

With the doctors from CARE Fertility prescribing Rachel thyroxine to lower her thyroid levels, Rachel once again became hopeful that she would conceive. And conceive she did. With the £2-a-month pill and Alex’s frozen sperm for IVF treatment, the couple finally conceived Augustyna last year via C-section at 37 weeks.

Augustyna was born at 37 weeks by c-section weighing just 4lbs 2oz

Rachel and Alex finally got the realization of their dreams! Rachel has no trouble taking care of Augustyna who even lets her sleep through the night. She also looks after Alex who is already too ill to even hold Augustyna on his own.

Rachel Lewis-Mayhew, 45, with her husband Alex and their three-month old baby daughter Augustyna 


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