Miracle Baby Cheyenne Recovers from SBS …Dad serving 10 Years in Prison

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Amy Owensby never thought that she would make the biggest mistake of her life by leaving her baby Cheyenne with her ex-husband, James Davis Jr., over the weekend. On August 12, 2012, Davis lost his cool and shook his crying 8-month-old daughter.

Davis tried to hide what he did to his daughter, but eventually admitted to the police what happened. “All that came crashing down. I snapped. There’s no reason for it. I don’t know why I did it,” Davis said.

Because of what her dad did, Baby Cheyenne had to undergo a series of surgeries and had half of her brain removed because her skull was fractured and her brain started bleeding. Consequentially, Davis was sentenced to ten years in prison, followed by five years of probation, after pleading guilty of the crime he committed.

Baby Cheyenne had a shaken baby syndrome (SBS) when her father shook her. Shaken baby syndrome is tagged as a form of child abuse that can possibly cause permanent brain damage or even death. As how Mayo Clinic explains it, “The shaken baby syndrome destroys a child’s brain cells and prevents his or her brain from getting enough oxygen.”

Eight-month-old Cheyenne was shaken by her father when she wouldn’t stop crying.


“Nothing justifies shaking a child. It only takes a few seconds of shaking to cause irreversible brain damage in an infant. If you’re having trouble managing your emotions or the stress of parenthood, seek help. Your child’s doctor may offer a referral to a counselor or other mental health provider,” the clinic further notes.

This terrible mistake forever changed the little girl’s life.


Amy wrote on Facebook, “I got the call that changed my life forever. My sweet baby wasn’t breathing. Her heart had stopped, and she was being airlifted to Greenville Memorial.”


Amy said, “I will never get the image of her lifeless body being placed in that helicopter out of my head. I remember holding her hand, giving her kisses outside of the operating room, fully believing I would never see her alive again”.

This poor little girl suffers the consequences of her irresponsible father.

“Right when I got by her bedside, seeing her covered in bandages, IVs everywhere, her leg was black from a blood clot, she was so swollen. My phone rings, and it’s the cops saying James confessed to shaking her,” she added. “The guy I had known and shared my ten years of life, my first love, the man I was in love with did this to our daughter.”







It was a miracle that happened when Cheyenne survived the incident.

Three years since the fateful incident, Cheyenne has almost fully recovered from her surgeries. Though she has some weakness in the right leg, suffers from seizures, and experiences difficulty in trying to do everyday tasks, the tough girl is thriving.


Cheyenne’s sweet smile is now back.



“A few seconds of frustration and anger to cause the unthinkable. I had heard about shaken baby syndrome and always thought ‘that will never happen to me.’ But clearly, it did. It happens  way more often than I ever imagined and that needs to be known,” Amy confessed.

Amy says that it’s best to walk away if you can handle a crying child.


“So remember that when your child is screaming and nothing you’re doing is soothing them, put them down and walk away. Truly be careful who you leave your kids with,” Amy added.

It’s always heartbreaking when babies have to suffer because of an adult’s irresponsibility and stupidity. So always remember to always be gentle with babies because they are very prone to injuries that may lead to, worst, death.

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