Mom Adopts Dying Newborns to Give Them the Love They Deserve in Their Last Few Days


It’s heart-wrenching to stare at the face of a child who has a terminal or life-threatening diagnosis. It’s even harder for parents, especially mothers, to hold the hand of their newborn, knowing that at any moment, they could already be drawing their last breath.

A mom herself, Cori Salchert took the liberty of rescuing these parents from feeling such pain by taking it as her own.

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Cori Salchert is a former perinatal bereavement nurse, now living in a home she calls a house of hope. She shares it with her husband along with her eight biological children. In 2012, Cori’s mission to give love and attention to hospice babies began.


According to Cori, the infants came from families who couldn’t deal with the fact that their child had a certain condition—or conditions—after giving birth. Some just can’t handle to see their child die, so they often escape from the cruel reality as soon as they can.


Cori’s crusade kicked off with Emmalynn. She was the first of the Salcherts’ hospice babies. Unfortunately, she died cradled in her arms after having lived for 50 days. After Emmalynn, the family vowed to give love and care to as many babies as possible.


But just like any story, Cori’s tale also has a deeper beginning, something that happened way before Emmalynn.


Cori’s story began with the birth of her younger sister, Amie. Amie contracted spinal meningitis, an infection of the membranes and fluid surrounding the spinal cord and brain. She lived in a children’s home for severely impaired kids after she was left physically and mentally handicapped by the high fevers brought by the infection.

Tragedy struck Cori when Amie strayed out of an unlocked door at the children’s home and ended up drowning in a pond located on a nearby golf course. Cori, having difficulties coping with her sister’s passing, questioned God where He was when her sister needed Him the most.

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