This Mom and Her Baby With Down Syndrome have Amassed a Huge following on Instagram



The quote, “like father, like son”, tells of how an offspring gets the traits and personality of the person who sired him. However, this phrase perfectly describes Amanda and son Micah. You’d have to change the “father” to “mother” though.

Amanda Booth, 26, is a first time mom from Los Angeles who has been modeling for the past 10 years and she has an 11-month-old son, Micah Quinones. You know what’s particularly similar about them? They love being in front of the camera.

The mother and son tandem, who both do modeling now, has amassed huge following on Instagram, for separate accounts. Amanda has more than 56,000 followers, while Micah has more than 20,000. However, there is something different about this duo and it’s the number of chromosomes they share. Because while Booth has the typical 46, Micah doesn’t. He was diagnosed with Down syndrome when he was just three months old.


Amanda and her husband Mike Quinones were shocked to know of their son’s condition, when the nurse told them that it was possible Micah had Down syndrome because of his eye shape. They both accepted this though and loved their son even more after that. They even started an Instagram account, called “Life with Micah”, to share pictures with friends and family.

“My immediate reaction was fear, I hadn’t known anyone who had Down syndrome, so I only had those prehistoric thoughts of what it would mean running through my head,” Booth said.



When Micah began gaining followers on the photo sharing site, it quickly became a way for the couple to connect with other parents who share their experiences raising children with Down syndrome. Amanda wants Micah’s happy, everyday life to help normalize Down Syndrome for people who don’t know anyone with the disorder, just like her before Micah was born.

“There’s a lot of ladies out there with baby fever, and who doesn’t love a good baby account? I looked toward other families to gain an understanding of what would be to come. I hope we can be that for other people.”



Amanda Booth is a model for Target, Old Navy, Lancome, and more and is enjoying the fact that her son is following in her footsteps. “As soon as the camera comes out, he looks right into it,” Booth said.

“Everyone says to Micah ‘You’re just like your mother’,” she added. But, she also hopes that he finds his own special path.

“My hope is that he realizes he can have any dream of his own! I can already see that he’s a stubborn little lad. I know that he knows he’s going to have to work a little harder than most at certain things. It just means that we will all appreciate every moment, so much more.”

Watch Amanda and Micah Dancing below:

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