Mom of Two Girls Tries for a Boy, Gets Pregnant with Quintuplets

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She and her husband wanted to have a son, so they tried for a third child, but when she went to the doctor, this mother found out that she would be receiving more than what she bargained for.

Twenty-six-year-old mom Kim Tucci was told that she would be expecting not just one baby—but five.

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Tucci, from the city of Perth, Western Australia, was shocked when she knew she was carrying five other lives on her tummy. Overwhelmed by how things turned out, she set up a blog named Surprised by Five on Facebook to document her journey as a mom of quintuplets. The Facebook personal blog now has a total of 203,069 likes.

On her blog, she shared the ups and downs of her pregnancy, including having to eat 6,000 calories a day and going to the toilet 12 times a night.


Tucci got pregnant in late July as she and her husband aimed for a third child, totally unaware of the five bundles of joy coming their way. The infants who share a space in Tucci’s uterus consist of a boy and four girls.


Tucci noted on her blog that her belly would feel painful and “hot to touch” due to skin stretching. Oftentimes, she had to force-feed herself, suffered from disrupted sleep cycles, and had difficulty walking.

Her husband posted a picture of her belly at just 11 weeks. With five babies inside, her stomach’s size expanded so much that it could’ve been mistaken for a woman who’s been pregnant for 9 months. To keep a memento of her pregnancy, she had a photo shoot with a local photographer named Elizabeth Hoskins, 24 weeks into her pregnancy.


Tucci narrated that as each day passed, the struggle became harder. Sleeping was very painful, and she could barely walk. She felt like her hips were constantly grinding away, and every part of her body was in pain.

But she was not alone in her journey. Tucci received thousands of good wishes and support from those who followed her grand adventure. She thanked her fans for the good words, and she also credited her loving husband who told her to proudly wear her stripes after she gives birth. She said, “Without him, I would have broken down a long time ago.”


On January 29, 2016, Tucci and her husband welcomed their five newborns—son Keith, and daughters Ali, Penelope, Tiffany, and Beatrix.


Although the odds of naturally conceiving quintuplets is very rare, it’s about one in 60 million to be exact, New Zealand has already their own set of quintuplets. Deborah, Shirlene, Selina, Lisa, and Sam were born in Auckland in 1965, and they are dubbed as the famous Lawson Five.


The Lawson quins were the fifth recorded set of surviving quintuplets in the world, and they’re also the first set of living quintuplets conceived via fertility treatment. Their mother, Shirley Ann, was very fortunate to have successfully given birth to the five healthy babies at 33 weeks in the 1960s, considering the technological advancements during that time.

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