Mom Who Struggled with Infertility Gave Birth to 3 Sets of Twins in 5 Years!


Mark and Andrea Rivas were never sure that their dream of becoming parents would come true. Five years after their struggle with infertility, they have a story about their journey that is hard to believe.

Andrea says, “It’s nice to look back at everything we went through and see our family.”

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Pictured above is the Rivas family with the four children Conor, Avery, Leah, and Elyse.

At the beginning of their marriage, they struggled to conceive. They went through a miscarriage before deciding to try in-vitro fertilization. They welcomed their first set of twins, Conor and Avery, in 2012.


During their IVF process, the Rivas couple became close to Sandi and Philip Palmisano, another family struggling with infertility. The Palmisanos had already gone through four IVF cycles, none of which were successful. Their hopes of having children were growing dim until Andrea volunteered to help.


Andrea told the Palmisanos that she could carry the baby for them.


The couple made a pregnancy announcement, featuring Andrea. In 2014, Andrea delivered the Palmisano twins Emma Lee and Grayson.


In the picture above, you can see Emma Lee and Grayson Palmisano after their birth in February 2014.

Sandi says having her twins is like having Christmas every day.


After helping their friends get the family they always wanted, life was going back to normal for Andrea and Mark. They settled into their home, but then Andrea started feeling sick. Though they were told they would not be able to conceive naturally, Mark bought a pregnancy test just to check.


The pregnancy test came back positive. When they went in for an ultrasound, they were told that it was just one baby.


But after a closer look, the technician told them that it was actually twins that they were expecting. That would mean Andrea was carrying her third set of twins within a five-year period.

While the couple were happy to conceive naturally, they were worried that Andrea wouldn’t be able to handle another set of twins. One of the babies looked very small, according to the ultrasound technician.

When Andrea told her friend Sandi, she was not surprised. According to Sandi, Andrea ” brings blessings two at a time.”


Andrea is very busy with her two sets of twins, and she says, “My goal every day is to make sure everybody is fed and everybody is changed. Anything extra is a bonus.”


Above, Andrea Rivas is shown with her two sets of twins, Conor and Avery and Leah and Elyse.

The road to being parents was tough for both the Rivas and Palmisanos, but looking back on their journey, they would say the end result was well worth it.


The couple hopes that their story will inspire other couples who are struggling with infertility.


“Never surrender when you continue to fail no matter what happens” is Sandi Palmisano’s advice to those couples.

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