Beating Odds of 70 Million to 1, Mom Gives Birth to 2 Sets of Twins on Valentine’s Day

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Married couple Tressa and Manuel Montalvo had been planning to give their son a sibling for the longest time. So when they finally conceived a child, they definitely did not see t he next thing coming. Imagine their surprise when they found out that they were indeed pregnant—but with two sets of twins!

The little boys were developing in two placentas. The first one was for Cash and Dylan and the other was for Ace and Blaine. The couple was truly looking at a Valentine’s Day miracle.

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The couple found out that they were expecting twins when Tressa was 10 weeks pregnant, but it wasn’t until days after that they discovered that there was a third heartbeat upon a later visit to the doctor.

The odds of this happening was 1 in 70 million so both Tressa and Manuel did feel like they hit the fertility jackpot with this one. But the greatest news came last, the doctors informed them that should there be no further complications during pregnancy, they would expect both sets to come out fine.

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Tressa gave birth via C-section at 31 weeks and were later taken to the incubator to develop their immune systems.

“We didn’t expect it,” she said. “We were trying for just one and we were blessed with four.. . . We planned the pregnancy—I guess we just succeeded a little too much.

Looking into the future, the couple plans to have more children in the future, as they are yet to be blessed with a girl to add to their brood.

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