Mom Underwent Surgery During Pregnancy …See Why This is First Child to Be Born Twice

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Keri McCartney, a Texas native, was already 23 weeks pregnant when she and her family decided to find out the gender of the new member of the family through ultrasound. So together with her husband and their four children, they went to the obstetrician’s clinic. However, what was supposed to be an exciting day turned into a nightmare as it required Keri to induce birth.






On that day, the doctors saw a mass the size of a grapefruit, growing around the unborn baby girl. What’s frightening is that it was stealing blood from the baby.

Even though it wasn’t cancerous, it was very deadly. The doctors admit they had never seen anything like it. According to them, it is a rare phenomenon that happens once in every 40,000 births.

The family immediately sought answers and went to the Texas Children’s Fetal Center. It was then decided that it was too risky for Keri to go under prenatal surgery.

Despite the less than 10 percent chance of survival for the baby, Keri still underwent the procedure because she knew it was her only hope.


Fortunately, surgeons were able to remove the tumor. They cut into Keri’s abdomen and pulled out her uterus and half of the infant’s body without disturbing the placenta. After the tumor was removed, the baby was returned back into the womb.

Dr. Olutoye said, “We don’t bring the whole baby out of the womb because we don’t want the uterus to think the pregnancy is over and the baby’s coming out.”

As of now, everyone in Keri’s family is just very happy that their prayers have been answered. The pregnancy is finally over, and the baby girl becomes the first-ever baby to be officially born twice.


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