His Mom Wanted to Hold Him One Last Time Before He Died …But Then a Miracle Happened



This baby had a medical condition that will cause his death eventually after he was born. So, his mother wanted to rock him in her arms one last time. You won’t believe what happened next.

Their prayers were answered, when a miracle suddenly happened.


Baby Renner was born with a condition called hydrops. It caused his body to swell with fluids causing his kidneys and lungs to fail. However, he was still born alive, but was said to eventually die because of his condition and his parents had accepted the fact that they would lose him.

Karen and Brian Wollman had already lost hope about their baby surviving his condition. So, Karen decided to rock her baby before losing him for good, and she ended up holding him for hours. The doctors were convinced that what happened to the baby wasn’t a medical miracle, but God’s miracle.

Baby Kenner is now about to turn two years old and he’s  alive and kicking.

Know of his remarkable story in this KELO report.

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