Adorable Pictures of New-Born Babies in Heartwarming Poses …Need We Say More?

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Watching a newborn sleeping peacefully is a sight to behold. It’s a time worth savoring and a brief pause from consistent nappy changing and feeding. This is especially true for new parents.

By capturing these pleasant moments in a series of photos of babies in the earliest stages of their lives, Tracy Lynn Sweeney, owner of Elan Studio and Rhode Island photographer, dismisses the myth that sleep is a foreign concept to newborns.

As these adorable pictures show, within the first two weeks of their life, babies are at their most delicate

Spending hours upon hours, photographer Tracy, 34, from Bristol in Rhode Island, U.S., took pictures of newborns from just seven days old up to a couple of weeks.

As they have more of these soft cartilage bones in their first two weeks they are more comfortable to sleep with their legs tucked under their bottoms, mimicking the positions they took in the womb

These lovable pictures illustrate the first two weeks of an infant’s life where they are at their most teeny and delicate state.

For many new parents, the sight of their newborn peacefully asleep is one to behold and Tracy aims to create pictures that will last forever 

This cute newborn is relaxing with her hands resting behind her head.

Dispelling the myth that sleep is an alien concept to newborns, Rhode Island photographer Tracy Lynn has captured these heartwarming moments

This little bundle of joy can be seen looking cool in shades while sleeping.

One tot has been propped up onto his hands with a thoughtful expression on his face

This young one has been positioned with a thoughtful expression on his face.

A Yoda baby has been captured in homage to the upcoming Star Wars movie by photographer and owner of Elan Studio, Tracy Lynn Sweeney, who spends hours taking pictures of newborns aged from just seven days old

One sleeping child has even been dressed up as Yoda from the Star Wars movie.

An intellectual looking baby snoozes on a pile of books wearing a pair of spectacles 

Small babies are still comfortable curling themselves into cute and comfy positions while they sleep as portrayed. This is due to the fact that they have much more soft cartilage in their bones during this early stage in life.

In another poignant shot, a tiny baby is held by his father who is dressed in his US soldier uniform

A tiny baby is held by his father, who is dressed in his US soldier uniform, in another poignant shot.

One snoozing tyke dons an embellished headband as she sleeps with her head in her hands

A baby has around 300 soft cartilage bones during this time of their brand new lives. The soft cartilages fuse together to make 206 bones as they age.

A snoozing Theodore can be seen snuggled down with his teddy bear in bed

In their first two weeks, they are more comfortable sleeping with their legs tucked under their bottoms. They imitate their fetal position while sleeping due to the number of soft cartilages in their bones.

Two twins sleep holding hands in this adorable snap taken by the Rhode Island snapper

For the first 14 days, these compacted positions are very unique. However, once they pass this period, they get accustomed to stretching out in their cribs while sleeping.

There's even a pair of twins each sitting upright in a pair of workman's boots

These pair of twins are sitting upright in a pair of workman’s boots.

Because tiny babies have much more soft cartilage in their bones at first, they are still comfortable curling themselves into comfy positions 

This infant may be having a bad dream due to her facial expression or maybe it’s because of that very bright light. Regardless, she’s still very cute and pretty to look at.


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