Over 100 Lovable Photos That Prove Kids’ Need for Dogs

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There are parents who are very protective of their children. Because of this, instead of allowing their kids to enjoy everything life has to offer, they shelter them too much. And, one of the things they make their sons and daughters stay away from are pets, especially dogs. They either believe these adorable canines will do more harm than good to their young ones or that their kids still could not handle the responsibilities of owning a pet.

However, dogs are very loving creatures and can be perfect companions for children. And, we have compiled more than a hundred photos to prove this point.

If you are planning to get your kids a dog, but are having second thoughts about it, the photos below will help you make your decision. You have to admit that while babies, toddlers, and kids are already adorable by themselves, they look even cuter when they are with these equally delightful pooches.

Kisses And Rainbows

Napping In The Dog Bed

And Time Stops

Moose And Squirrel

Little Girl Is Taking Care Of A Dog



Meeting Baby For The Very First Time

We Don't Need Cups (Or Bowls)

Big Dog With A Baby

Give Me A Kiss




My Baby, Not Yours


Sleeping Buddies

Just My Dog Spooning My Baby

Napping Duo: Beau And His Puppy Theo

Don't Worry, Kid, I Got Your Back


Her Best Friend

A Boy And His Dog

Baby With Dog

Baby With Dog


Sleeping Buddies

Baby And Dog


Dog Cuddling A Baby

Best Friends

Big Kiss


A Girl With Her Puppy

Gracie + Maggie Snuggle



A Girl With Her Dog

Best Friends


Sleeping Buddies

Misha And Floppybear

Bday Celebration

Three, It's A Magic Number

Baby With A Dog

Beauty And The Beast

A Boy And His Dog

Big Dog, Little Boy

Little Photographer


Vico And Moby

My Son Has Been Sick. Ruxin Won't Leave His Side

We Need To Talk

Gracie And Maggie Are Best Friends

Look Over There My Friend

Maria And Simba

A Boy And His Dog

Australien Shepered As Nanny Dog



Best Friends

Boy Hugging Dog

Baby With Dog

Dog's Best Friend


Let's Go

A Boy And His Buddy

My Baby And My Dog



Best Friends

Baby With Dog

Rosie Giving Her Girl A Hug

Liam An The Mut!


Best Friends

Give Me A Kiss

New Friend

Kid With His Dog


I Love You Too Buddy

Baby With A Dog

Best Friends Forever

Partners In Crime: Preston & Julian


Last Days Of Summer

Best Friends

Gracie And Maggie

Azalia And Harley Just Chilling


"seeing Double..."

Never Apart


My Newborn And His Best Friend




Best Friends

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